Drywall Finisher

Job Description:

Drywall Finishers seal joints between plasterboard or other wall board to prepare wall surfaces for painting or papering; mix sealing compounds by hand or with portable electric mixers and spread it over joints between boards using trowels or broad knives; press paper tape over joints to embed it into compound and seal joints; spread and smooth cementing material over tape, using trowel or floating machinery to blend with wall surface; float cement material over entire wall surface to attain smooth, plaster-like surface using trowel; sand rough spots after cement has dried; fill cracks and holes in walls and ceilings with sealing compound. Apprentices will learn to operate Ames tools, which are applicable to this trade.

Working Conditions:

Work is done both indoors and out. Surroundings
are usually dirty and dusty or wet, and workers
are exposed to extremes of temperature. Work involves considerable standing, stooping, bending, lifting, stretching and heights.

Possible injuries may result from falls from ladders or scaffolds. Back injuries may also occur.

Recommended High School Courses:

General math, mechanical drawing, carpentry and shop courses.

Terms of Apprenticeship:

  • 3 years on-the-job training – 6,000 hrs.
  • 144 hrs. per year related classroom instruction
  • 1,000 hrs. probationary period
    • General Qualifications:

      • 18 years of age or older.
      • high school diploma or GED
      • a valid license and have own transportation to and from job sites
      • a citizen of the United States
      • tested for substance abuse
      • good physical condition
      Become a Painter
      Become a Drywall Finisher
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