Additional classes

ICRA Classes will be held on and as needed basis. Anyone interested must call to be put on a class roster. The class will be scheduled when there is sufficient interest. Any one interested in any other class may also call 412-276-6061 to register.

District Council #57 Officers and Staff

All Representatives can be reached by calling the DC57 number 412-276-5758

Brenda McGowan Apprenticeship Sec. Ext. 20

Barry Turner Local 2006 Business Rep. Ext.15

Chris Geronimos DC57 Pres./Local 6 Business Rep. Ext. 23

Brian Herbinko
Apprenticeship Director Ext.19

Brian Smith Local 549 Business Rep 814-454-3510

Patty Smith Dues Ext.29

Rocky DeStefano Business Manager/Sec. Tres. Ext. 25

Steve Olash Local 530 Business Rep. Ext.14

Tom Flook Organizer Ext.17

Tom Redman Local 751 Rep. Ext. 26

Tom Tyger Local 409 Rep. Ext 22

Tony Gammiere Commerical Painter Instructor Ext.21

Giles Grinko Political Director/Local 479 Business Rep. Ext 12

Tracy Opferman DC57 Office Manager Ext.10

Dave Sell Organizing Director Ext. 30

Bill Fellabaum Organizer Ext. 24